Vigo Cavedine e Valle dei Laghi

We are in Vigo Cavedine, in the heart of thevalle dei Laghi, halfway between Trento and the north shore of lake Garda.

This area of south-western Trentinois characterized by its many lakes: Lamar, Terlago, Santa Massenza, Toblino, Lagolo and Cavedine are the best known.

Nearby you can admire the Marocche di Dro: it is a huge system of glacial landslides (the largest in the entire Alpine arc), with enormous boulders that testify to the ancient crumbling of the sides of the valley due to the retreat of the glacier that in antiquity it covered the whole area. Today Marocche are a protected natural area of about 250 hectares.

On the eastern side of the valley, the Monte Bondonemassif dominates the valley. It has always been considered the mountain of the Trentino people and is a wonderful place both for excursionsand trekking in summer and for winter ones with ski mountaineeringand snowshoes. Lovers of alpine skiing can also count on modern facilities and slopes suitable for all skiers, both beginners and more experienced ones.

The Valle dei Laghi is known for its wine production, in particular for the Vino Santo Trentino, Nosiola and grappa, with the many nearby distilleries.

Even lovers of good food will appreciate the products of our land such as Dro PDO plums, broccoli from Santa Massenzaand the blue potato from Margone, niche products that well represent the link between this land and us who live there and take care of it.

Ours is an area where you will find an environment on a human scale and welcoming people who will allow you to rest and recharge away from the hectic pace of the city or the places of mass tourism.

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